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What Would It Take?

I just heard this in a documentary about UFOs:

If it could be shown that any UFOs were extra-terrestrial in origin, people’s entire belief system would fundamentally change.

…and it got me to thinking: what would it take to change my “belief system”? Certainly not UFOs, since I already suspect they’re real.

My belief system these days involves submitting to evidence, wherever it leads. Doesn’t it follow, then, that there’s no evidence that could change my belief system? My beliefs, maybe, but not my belief system.

Does that mean my belief system is sound, or blind?

Do you think that insisting on evidence will avoid life-wasting untruths, or cause me to miss something important?

How about you? What could change your beliefs? Your belief system?

31 Days – UFOs

August’s 31 Days of Wonder are drawing to a close so I must tuck in something I really do wonder about: UFOs.

A few years ago, I read more books than I care to admit on the subject. Ultimately, I threw up my hands. What I was reading was too strange to be true, but in some cases too convincing to be false.

I finally decided to treat UFOs as entertainment. Some people enjoy ghost stories; I enjoy the occasional UFO tale. Here for your entertainment is a compilation of UFO sightings.

Here’s one particularly puzzling case in detail.

There’s lots more on the Internet. Search around and tell me what you think!