31 Days – UFOs

August’s 31 Days of Wonder are drawing to a close so I must tuck in something I really do wonder about: UFOs.

A few years ago, I read more books than I care to admit on the subject. Ultimately, I threw up my hands. What I was reading was too strange to be true, but in some cases too convincing to be false.

I finally decided to treat UFOs as entertainment. Some people enjoy ghost stories; I enjoy the occasional UFO tale. Here for your entertainment is a compilation of UFO sightings.

Here’s one particularly puzzling case in detail.

There’s lots more on the Internet. Search around and tell me what you think!

One response to “31 Days – UFOs

  1. I have mixed feelings about them as well. Dad remembers seeing one as a kid with his folks. The Bible may suggest the existence of such things in a couple places depending on how a person wants to interpret the passages (which some do rather liberally). I’ve heard a lot of hype about ‘aliens’ revealing themselves to humans this next year in association with the Mayan (and related) calendars. Guess we’ll see on that one. Tried reading the book of Enoch once which, according to tradition, was written by the fella who was caught up by God a few years before Noah’s flood. The thing is more sci-fi than most movies. But, I gave up researching this subject myself. As long as the don’t pester me, their existence is irrelevant to me at this point in time. Ever check out the Raelien religion?

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