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In defense of the mainstream media

In certain circles, it is fashionable — no, I would say necessary — to disparage the mainstream media. Take for example this excerpt from Marjorie Taylor Greene’s video that I have been discussing lately:

So this may really be happening. Now, the sad thing is, it’s really the job of the media to tell you about these things. It’s really the job of journalists to reveal these things and tell these stories, but our mainstream media is so corrupt that they don’t tell these stories. So if these things are true, why has our mainstream media turned their back on America and turned their back on the American people, and not reported about these things? That’s something that really bothers me a lot.

I hope to make two points in this post:

  1. When someone discounts the conventional experts, your falsehood detector should issue a boop, boop, boop of warning.
  2. When that person also completely misunderstands the role of those experts, the BOOP, BOOP BOOP should get much louder.
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