Jim Carrey on Jesus

Some of us struggle to be sure of our facts, to make sure they all fit together, and to figure everything out. Others are able to simply receive what life has to offer. Actor-turned-painter Jim Carrey is in the latter category. Here is his painting, Jesus Electric, followed by his commentary on it in a short documentary about his paintings.


The energy that surrounds Jesus is electric. I don’t know if Jesus is real, I don’t know if he lived, I don’t know what he means, but the paintings of Jesus are really my desire to convey Christ-consciousness. I wanted you to have the feeling when you looked in his eyes that he was accepting of who you are. I wanted him to be able to stare at you and heal you from the painting.

This profound inspiration in the midst of profound uncertainty is totally foreign to me but I found it so moving that I wanted to pass it on to you.

There’s more going on here than just the inspiration of a legend. Jesus is somehow more real to Jim Carrey than that. A Christian would say that the Holy Spirit is reaching out to him. Because I no longer believe in the Holy Spirit, I don’t buy that, but I don’t have a better explanation. What do you think?

Here’s the complete documentary. It’s only about 6 minutes long, and very worth watching whether your passion is art, Jesus, or Jim Carrey.

3 responses to “Jim Carrey on Jesus

  1. In response to your comment:
    “I don’t know if Jesus is real, I don’t know if he lived, I don’t know what he means, but the paintings of Jesus are really my desire to convey Christ-consciousness.”
    In actuality, you do know that he exists! The comment that “you don’t know if he lived”, just proves that you haven’t taken the time to study history. You choose to believe what you were taught by the State and never bothered to question their revisionist history.
    You believe it n Christ consciousness? Why? If he didn’t exist, and you don’t know what he means, why bother? The word conscience means “with knowledge”.
    God gave you a conscience so you have no excuse. You know exactly who he is! You are suppressing the truth in unrighteousness (Romans 1)because you hate God! (We all start that way)
    Did you know that the Bible is a history book and the genealogy of Jewish nation of Israel? People who deny this are anti-Semitic! They are saying that their family tree does not exist and therefore, does not matter. (Remember Hitler?) But more importantly, it is the inerrant word of God and the human instruction manual. Hitler thought if he could destroy the Jews, he could eliminate their God. Is that your goal as well? Create a new Christ in your image, so you don’t have to bow down to the authentic Christ? Please don’t wait untill you die! It will be too late!
    Victoria, a servant of Christ Jesus

  2. I would like to know how much Mr. Carey’s Electric Jesus painting us wirth today.

  3. I’d like to know how much Mr. Carey’s “Electric Jesus” painting is worth today. Very nice and I do like the story behind it.

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