Marjorie Taylor Greene: A Case Study in Truth-Seeking

“Dad, with so much coming at us from all sides on the internet, how can we know who is telling the truth?”

That long-ago question from one of my daughters popped into my head recently when I was watching a video by Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is now a congresswoman-elect from Georgia. Mrs. Greene seemed sincerely interested in knowing what’s true (her now-defunct website was even called American Truth Seekers!), appeared diligent in her research, was often careful not to overstate her conclusions, yet still ended up endorsing the QAnon conspiracy theory, including but not limited to its claim that someone on Hillary Clinton’s staff sacrificed a chicken their back yard to the demon Moloch. How did Mrs. Greene, self-styled truth-seeker extraordinaire, go so far wrong?

More importantly, how can we avoid making the same mistakes?

Before we get started, I should mention that whether for political or intellectual reasons, Mrs. Greene has since backed away from her endorsement of QAnon, at least to some extent. Nevertheless, her 2017 live-streamed video is a fascinating case study of someone who was taken in by a conspiracy theory. As you will see, it also affords many, many examples of how to tell whether someone is lying to you.

Here is a transcript of her video, very lightly edited. (Mainly I removed useless words such as the “OK, so, now…” and the like that she often uses to start a thought, and a few slight verbal stumbles.) Many thanks to the Internet Archive, the fine organization that preserved this video even after it had been scrubbed from everywhere else. I sent them a donation and you should too. They evidently need the money; the response time on their site is not great.

As I make posts based on this video, I’ll turn the associated passage in the transcript into a link. The transcript itself will thus serve as an in-context table of contents for the posts.

Have you guys been following 4chan, Q, any of that stuff? Anybody? I’m going to watch for your comments here.

We posted an article just a few days ago about “Who is Q?” We posted that on American Truth Seekers. There has been a lot of chatter. I don’t know how much you guys know about Q. He’s an anonymous person. Q is a patriot. We know that, for sure, but we do not know who Q is. The question is, I’m going to talk about this and I’m going to tell you: I don’t know who Q is but I’m just going to tell you about it because I think it’s something worth listening to and paying attention to. And the reason why is because many of the things he has given clues about and talked about on 4chan and other forums have really proven to be true.

There are some really interesting things about this person Q. …I’m going to pull up the article about it because some of them are in there.

There’s a couple of things that happened.

One of them was: when Q signs off he puts three little crosses in a row – three little crosses — and that’s how he signed off. Now he signed off with three crosses in a row on November 6 and within a matter of minutes, President Trump, in his tweet, right after that…7 minutes later, Trump put three little crosses on his tweet. And it was just more than a coincidence. It was really interesting.

Another thing is Q put out a picture — it was like the clue — and the photo was from an airplane and someone figured out the angle from the photograph, and it matched the coordinates exactly to the same area that Air Force One was flying over. So people believe that Q is someone very close to President Trump.

Now I’m going to go off of this article and just tell you what this says. And I’ve read some stuff but it’s hard to follow. I mean, you have to spend a lot of time digging into it.

Now, Q is a patriot. He is someone that very much loves his country, and he’s on the same page as us and he’s very pro-Trump, OK?

Now, he appears to have connections at the highest levels. He’s posted many things that seem to verify that he is the real deal, alright? So it’s not just someone poking in the dark, messing with people.

The information that Q has revealed is mostly in the form of questions, leading you to fill in the blanks. So he asks a whole bunch of questions and then you’re able to kind of come up with the answers, and sure enough, what comes out happens to come true, OK? So he’s telling you in advance kind of in the form of asking a bunch of questions.

Something he talks about is you hear “going down the rabbit hole.”

One thing he’s saying, which I alluded to earlier, but I’m not sold on it, but Q keeps saying this, is that the special counsel, Robert Mueller, is not a corrupt investigation. Q says that he’s doing the job properly under the guise of investigating the Trump team. So it may really be true, if all things, if all the signs are leading that way, that maybe Robert Mueller is leading this investigation saying that he’s looking into Trump-Russia collusion, but really he’s really looking into a lot of other very bad criminals that need to be taken down. So that’s something that Q says.

If they do that, the purpose of it is to lower the guard of people like Hillary Clinton, Podestas, all these different people that are in the swamp. They’ve got to do that so they believe that Robert Mueller is really going after Trump and his people, but yet, in the meantime, all along, he’s really going after the Clintons, OK? And everyone tied into them. If that’s true, it’s brilliant.

…including the media. That’s another thing. If Mueller is doing this investigation that way, it also tells the mainstream media — they’re not onto it and ranting and raving like lunatics every single day.

And then also, the other clue is, which I talked about earlier in this video, is the large number of sealed federal indictments, which is now at 4,289, which is just unheard-of. It’s such a massive amount.

Q has put out there that many high-level officials will soon be arrested, and it will actually be the “drain the swamp” scenario that we have always been wanting to happen. He says that once the corruption and the type of corruption is revealed to the American people, it will trigger something he calls The Awakening. Now, I’m only guessing that The Awakening…he says it will be like an event, something that we’ve never witnessed in American history. But it will cause Americans to unite behind President Trump and his administration in order to completely clean house. You guys, if that happens, we will be so happy [To live commenters: I see all those hearts. I love it.] We will be so happy. I really, truly pray that this is true.

Again, just to go over it: high-level officials will soon be arrested, and hopefully that’s what we’re seeing from all those sealed federal indictments. …Now, what type of corruption would it be? Is it going to be the stuff that’s rumored – the things that people don’t want to talk about, the things that people don’t want to think about? I mean, is it going to be true that the child pedophilia in the elites, in the Washington, D.C. .—is that what we’re really going to see come out? Is it true – is the type of corruption we’re going to see come out, is it going to be Satanic worship that possibly all these people are involved in? I mean, we already saw that there was an email [that] came out of the Wikileaks emails where — was it Cheryl Mills? — and she told Hillary Clinton in an email that she was going to sacrifice a chicken to Moloch in her back yard? Who says that kind of stuff? Like, nobody says that. But that was proof right there that there’s possible Satanic worship, and maybe that all these scary things that people talk about on what’s considered conspiracy sites and conspiracy theories really may be true. But that’s what Q has been telling everyone.

The Awakening would be all the American people really realizing the corruption and what’s been going on for so many years and the type of people that have been controlling the United States government. And yes, that would be like something we’ve never seen in human history.

It says, “Even an atheist knows and must be intelligent enough to know that Satan-worshippers are real. Cults are real and true evil exists” And yes, we do know that is true. We know cults are real and we know real evil exists. But it hides in the darkness. And it hides in the darkness because it doesn’t want to get caught. Because when Satanic worshippers and real evil comes out and it’s pulled out into the light, it can’t survive. It just can’t survive.

So this really may be happening. Now, the sad thing is, it’s really the job of the media to tell you about these things. It’s really the job of journalists to reveal these things and tell these stories, but our mainstream media is so corrupt that they don’t tell these stories. So if these things are true, why has our mainstream media turned their back on America and turned their back on the American people, and not reported about these things? That’s something that really bothers me a lot.

You know, the entertainment industry, they’ve just played their part and we’ve seen that so much recently, with all the allegations that are coming out of Hollywood. You almost don’t want to look at the news about it because it’s so repulsive. There are basically so many pedophiles in Hollywood, and they’re being reported now. It’s like, Who is innocent in Hollywood? It really makes you ask that question.

[To a live commenter:] Yes, our God is bigger. I agree.

So here’s the problem, though. In America, we’ve all tuned out, right? Like, we’re so busy living our lives; we’re so busy with work, kids, activities, church, whatever — you name it. Whatever. Whatever you’re involved in, everyone is so, so busy with their lives, it’s easy to tune out. It’s easy to be distracted. We go from holiday to holiday.  I mean, Hallmark makes so much money because what happens – we start off, well you’ve got Halloween, then you jump right into Thanksgiving, and then we’re already jumping into Christmas, and then as soon as Christmas, we got New Year’s, and then after New Year’s you’ve got Valentine’s Day, and then after Valentine’s Day, here comes Easter, and then after Easter you’ve got to look forward to Memorial Day, and then the school year ends (if you have kids) and then there’s summer, and then there’s July 4. There’s so much that goes on in our American culture that keeps us distracted and keeps everyone’s eyes closed because many Americans are like blind sheep, just going through life not paying attention, trusting their government to do things for them, and wanting their government to do things for them. I mean, it is really disturbing if you think about how many people wanted Bernie Sanders for president because they wanted socialism. That amazes you. Well guess what? The Democratic National Convention is thinking about bringing Bernie Sanders back to run for president in 2020. Can you imagine? Like, what if he gets elected? I seriously hope not. Hopefully all this stuff goes down and there is an Awakening and everyone lines up behind President Trump.

I think many Americans are blind and when they hear these stories about pedophiles and when they hear these stories about Satanic worship, they don’t want to believe it’s true. They just don’t. They want to close their eyes and go back to their busy lives and go, “No that’s not true. It’s a conspiracy theory.” Because that’s what the mainstream media says: it’s a conspiracy theory, and they’re not doing their job. But evil does exist, and hopefully we’re going to see it brought down.

Now Q, he’s on 4chan. You can go there and look at all this stuff yourself. It’s all there.

So what is the level of importance of this operation? The level of importance of this operation is Good versus Evil. And if you’ve been alive on this Earth long enough, you know that Good versus Evil is real. It’s not just in the movies; it’s not in Star Wars; it’s real.

There is an evil force — you know: the Deep State. There’s all these people that seriously have very bad agendas for America and for the entire world. And they all do it because they want power and money and they really, honestly could care less about anything other than that. And sadly that involves many of our politicians. You’ve got – and I don’t think it’s even necessarily a Democratic thing, but I think it’s both parties. You’ve got Democrats and Republicans, and there’s many of them part of the Deep State. They say as many as one third of our government is involved in this.

So many of our government, according to Q – now I’m saying according to Q – again, I don’t have any proof of this, but we’re talking about “Who is Q?” so I’m going to tell you about what he says – according to him, many in our government are actively worshipping Satan. Or they call, Moloch. Now remember I told you that there was an email that came out of the Wikilieaks emails that flat-out said – Cheryl Mills said to Hillary Clinton, “I’m going to sacrifice a chicken in my back yard to Moloch.” If that’s not evidence that there’s Satan worship in our government, and if Hillary Clinton was not involved in it, then why would someone that is involved in worshipping Satan – why would they tell Hillary that in an email? I mean, if someone told me that in an email, I would freak out and tell everybody what they said. So Hillary Clinton is obviously involved too, because Cheryl Mills wouldn’t have told her that, right?

The other thing that Q says – and this is the stuff that we just don’t want to think about, and many American’s don’t want to know about – but Q is saying that they participate in pedophilia and spirit cooking. And spirit cooking, they had that spirit cooking dinner, that was something else that came out in that John Podesta Wikileaks email release. Remember that? They were talking about a spirit cooking dinner. So that’s very disturbing.

Q is trying to tell people on these forums and 4chan, and he’s trying to tell people the truth. And he does it through questions: asking questions, and asking questions, and giving clues. And so it’s basically, you’re going down the rabbit hole. You’re following the white rabbit and you’re figuring it out.

Something else he has talked about is an interesting triangle. Saudi Arabia, the Rothschilds, and Soros he says are the puppet-masters that fund this global evil. I definitely would believe that.

We just saw something so interesting: we saw Saudi Arabia clean house. That happened last month. They arrested and got rid of so many people. They arrested princes. They arrested so many people the King of Saudi Arabia really changed things up. Which makes you wonder what that was all about.

Now according to Q, for the first time in history, this triangle of Saudi Arabia, Rothschiilds and Soros are funding – that’s a lot of money, that’s a tremendous amount of money – they have lost one of its sides and it’s beginning to collapse. So they lost Saudi Arabia.

The old Saudi Arabia was funding child trafficking, Hillary Clinton, false flags and various other evil activities. And the new Saudi Arabia is just taking form as Saudi Arabia’s King Salman, the same king who honored President Trump during his visit, he made an abrupt change in the line of succession. He appointed his younger son, Mohammad bin Salman (people call him MBS for short), he appointed his younger son instead of his older son. So that was a big, big change. And he did that after he honored President Trump.

So the younger son, MBS, has been appointed as the crown prince. So the older king, the father, is supposedly going to step down due to dementia, which will make the younger son, MBS, the king. As soon as MBS was named the crown prince is when the purge in Saudi Arabia happened. So you guys saw that happen, right? We saw all the arrests. You saw on the news, everybody’s talking about there’s something big going on down in Saudi Arabia, bringing them to the brink of war with Lebanon, so many things going on and that they’ve been talking about. So it’s a huge [change that will] cause a lot of instability in Saudi Arabia. Well this purge, according to Q and according to many other sources, people have been saying that this purge had to do with child sex trafficking and that they were taking out people that were involved in doing that in Saudi Arabia. So that was hundreds of officials and other princes that were arrested for “corruption” charges. An all those princes – so many of them had ties to the Clintons. Many of them had made huge donations to the Clinton Foundation. So that was also very, very interesting. They also had ties to Podesta, Huma, Obama, so all these people that the king of Saudi Arabia took out had huge ties to maybe the very people that we’re about to see arrested, OK? They had a lot of corrupt dealings and their bank records are being investigated.

As all this is going down, the paper trail that they’re investigating, hopefully (Q is saying) will lead to charges here in the United States, and maybe that’s what a lot of those sealed federal indictments have to do with. Hopefully! There’s 4,289 sealed federal indictments. So is it possible that what happened in Saudi Arabia helped them figure out who they need to arrest? Helped them bring evidence in, in order for them to bring these charges and bring these indictments and bring these charges? I mean, I don’t know but I’m questioning and it’s very possible if Q is correct, and it’s very likely he could be.

Supposedly the crown prince, MBS, has a very good relationship with President Trump, which is something that we want. And MBS has vowed to make Saudi Arabia great again, so he’s taking on the same campaign that President Trump has, which is “make America great again.” So I think these are huge things. Guys, I tell you I’m really more about actions than words, but I really think these are great signs. And there are so many people starting to come out and say these things that I think, for once, I can actually get my hopes up. Because I’ve been kind of negative and pessimistic and I’ve been on that bandwagon of “I don’t think we’re going to see anything happen.” The Clintons have done all these crimes for years and years and they never faced justice and they never go down, but I think it’s a good possibility, because we see all these sealed federal indictments, and we’re seeing all these other things happen, and there are sources like – he’s anonymous, Q is anonymous – but he seems to be completely for the Good. He seems to be totally on Trump’s side and he seems to be very high-up and connected. So because of those things, I’m becoming more hopeful and I’m not being as pessimistic, and I’m trying to stop saying, “It’s never going to happen” because I really think it might happen. So I’m very excited about that.

There’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take this global cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles out, and I think we have the president to do it. And so I’m very excited about that.

Military intelligence and NSA director Admiral Rogers has played a vital role in rooting out this evil. The ability to avoid other agencies and oversight via the power of state-secret privilege has played a vital role, and once the special counsel [investigation] has concluded, they will have played a vital role as well.

If you’re just joining, we’re talking about “Who is Q?” and Q is telling us – he’s an anonymous source and he’s on 4chan, and more and more people are starting to talk about him. I first heard about him from Liz Krokan (?) and she’s been yelling all along that Mueller wears a white hat. She’s been saying all along that he’s a good guy and he’s really going after swamp creatures and that it’s under the guise that he’s looking into Trump-Russian collusion. If she’s correct, she’s going to be winning big, so I think that’s awesome.

But yes, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take this whole people out. Now state secret privilege is an ability of military intelligence that shields its secrets from the judicial branch. It has been upheld by the Supreme Court and was established with The United States vs Reynolds and expanded during the Bush administration and expanded after 9/11. The criteria for invoking this privilege is when there is a reasonable danger that disclosure of evidence will expose military matters which, in the interest of national security, should not be divulged. The invocation must come from the head of the department which has control over the matter, after actual personal consideration of that office. Admiral Rogers, director of the NSA, head of all sixteen intelligence agencies — he is the man who briefs the president every morning — he is an interesting figure in all of this. He’s someone very interesting; someone we really don’t hear much about, to be honest with you, but you’ve got to understand that information he knows – and he’s the guy, he’s the head of all sixteen intelligence agencies, and he briefs President Trump every morning – so he’s someone to listen to. Well, Admiral Rogers was in charge of NSA under Obama, but he kept his position with Trump. So Rogers met with, when he was President-Elect Trump, in Trump Tower, November 17 of 2016 without letting the Obama White House know. So two days after that, Obama was considering firing him before leaving office. Many believe Rogers may have warned Trump about the Obama intelligence community’s spying, which I’m sure he did. I mean, can you imagine that they wired Trump Tower and all these people’s – it was terrible. It was such a breach of privacy. He may have been the one that warned Trump about the spying from the FISA warrant they obtained in October of 2016 – a FISA warrant they never should have gotten.

Anyway, there are so many little things, and this doesn’t even really cover all of it, but this is just a little bit of the information that Q has been putting out. Again, Q is an anonymous person but Q is a patriot who loves our country, and he seems to be very high up, he seems to be very close to President Trump, and there’s been a lot of signs that have said so. If you’re just joining on, one of the tweets that Trump put out was these three plus-signs in a row, and he tweeted that seven minutes after Q had put three little plusses in a row in one of his 4chan [posts]. So there’s a lot of interesting things and there was no reason for Trump to even tweet that.

These are interesting things to look at. I wanted to talk to you about them. I’m not presenting them that they’re fact, but I’m presenting them that I’m hoping they’re facts. And so I’m hoping that we are seeing true evidence that the swamp is about to be drained. And I’m feeling very hopeful based on the fact that there are so many sealed federal indictments, and that so many have come forward only in the past month. It was like in a matter of three weeks. Combining that with what happened in Saudi Arabia. Combining that with the post and the things Q says and that people like Dan Bongino is being brave to tweet out, asking questions directly to the Clintons like “Who was on that Epstein plane? What are their names? What ages were those passengers?” You know he wouldn’t be asking what ages passengers were on that nasty Lolita Express plane that goes down to Orgy Island in the Bahamas — he wouldn’t ask that if he didn’t know that there were under-age, under-18, maybe boys and girls on that plane.

So there’s so many things that I see coming out that gives me a lot of hope that it’s possible that we’re going to, hopefully, see something happen. I’ll keep you updated on everything I see because I try to spend a lot of time looking up a lot of this information.

Lastly, one thing I want to say is, Vanity Fair wants to make fun of Melania Trump. Well, let me just say this about Melania Trump: Melania Trump is gorgeous. She is one of the most beautiful first ladies – she is probably the most beautiful first lady we’ve ever had. She is well-dressed; she is classy; she represents the United States beautifully. When they travel abroad, her clothes are stunning. Now when Trump was elected, there was all these fashion designers that came out and said, “Oh, we will never dress Melania Trump.” Well let me tell you something: the laugh is on them because the fact that they aren’t dressing Melania Trump is hysterical. Melania Trump is a model. She’s a fashion model, so people that are dressing Melania Trump, they are doing an awesome job, and she is so gorgeous.

So Vanity Fair comes out today and they are basically picking on Melania Trump like so many others have, and they are trying to say that she didn’t want to be first lady and she didn’t want to go in the White House. And they’re trying to paint her in an ugly light. Well you know what? I think Vanity Fair can suck it, and I will never buy that magazine, and I will never read that magazine because I think they are a bunch of jerks. And they have no right to put that stuff on Melania Trump, because she’s doing an amazing job as First Lady. As a matter of fact, if you’ve seen the pictures of the Christmas decorations at the White House, you know it is gorgeous, it is beautiful, it is classy, It’s just wonderful to see. And Melania Trump is doing a beautiful job as First Lady. And so, I think that’s fantastic. What I think about the people at Vanity Fair is: I really think they’re a bunch of feminists and they’re probably not really very pretty women that are probably jealous of Melania and just want to make fun of her and try and drag her down. But you know what? They can’t. They have nothing to say and they have nothing to show. So I could care less about that Vanity Fair article and I hope no one else reads it, and I hope if you get Vanity Fair you need to cancel your subscription. If you like their page on social media, you need to un-like their page on social media. And we all need to get in line, and anybody that wants to bash President Trump or First Lady Melania Trump – you know what? They can go to hell. So we can just sit there and boycott everything that wants to come out against them. Because I think they’re wrong. So that’s what I wanted to say about the Vanity Fair article and Melania Trump.

OK you guys, I have talked for a really long time and I have a delicious steak dinner waiting upstairs for me that I really want to go eat. OK, thank you so much for joining me and listening. Share this article and keep paying attention. And pray! Hopefully within the next month we’re really going to see stuff start happening.

OK. You guys have a good night. Marjorie Greene with American Truth-Seekers.

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