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31 Days – You Are a Siamese Twin

The title is an understatement. You are more like a Siamese triplet — or more.

Before I get to that, have you ever wondered how Siamese twins manage? I recently saw a video of a pair of twins who shared almost everything except their heads. I wondered how they could walk so smoothly with two brains controlling their single set of legs. And how did they decide where to go?

People like you and me are in the same situation, except our potentially conflicting voices are within one head, not two.

Roz Chast - Voice of Reason

Those voices come from distinct areas of the brain. The frontal lobes engage in rational thought. Emotional responses come from the more primitive limbic system. Each region might be telling you to do something different. It’s a miracle that we remain sane, isn’t it?

If that’s not amazing enough, research has shown that humans’ unique intelligence derives from the sophisticated wiring between brain areas, not just larger brains. We have embraced and exploited the cacophony, and are better for it. It reminds me of  democracy — another of this month’s wonders.

P.S. – I wrote this post yesterday morning, but the voice in my head that said I should proofread it at night overrode the voice that said I should post it right away because I might not get to it at night. The warning voice was right. :\