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Haiku #4 – Golden Poplar

A golden poplar
Leans in from the meadow’s edge,
Trembling like first love. 

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In response to Daylight at Live to Perceive:

Shutters covered a window,
Fastened as instructed,
Shedding rain down and out,
Storm after storm.

Inside, a young woman
Hoped there was more to the world
Than the mud she saw through the louvers
Every time it rained.

She unbolted the shutters
And re-installed them upside-down,
Louvers pitched toward true heaven,
Admitting both rain and clear.

When the world’s tears fell at night,
She let them pour into her room,
Even stretching her hands up to the window
And letting the water run cold down her arms.

She embraced it all,
Just so on clear nights she would see
Pisces swimming bright and true,
Leaping on the white river of stars.