Why Care? (Introduction)

Here is part of an email I got from from a Christian pastor:

…if you are right [that there is no god], neither what you think nor what I think is ULTIMATELY significant anyway. A thousand years from now none of it will mean anything to anyone, if there is even anyone left to whom it would otherwise mean something.

And if there is no ULTIMATE significance, I would hold that there is no REAL significance.

The idea of any significance would be rendered illusory.

If you are correct, nothing REALLY matters.

The implication, of course, is that I have no good reason to care about anything.

Yet here I am, caring.

Why? Am I failing to follow my convictions to their logical conclusion?

I’ve already touched on this in my post View from the Outside; View from the Inside but there’s much more to say. In the next few posts I’ll answer this question in each of the ways I’ve been asked it:


2 responses to “Why Care? (Introduction)

  1. The pastor is framing the question in a very illogical manner.
    He is still assigning God the power to allow us worrying about anything, or think significantly.

    Why is that?

    The most important part of your post, is that you (we) are asking “Why”. Why do we ask why? That’s what really matters and not the fact that – supposedly – we only worry about anything else than us, when we believe in God. That’s an utterly theologically biased thought.

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