What Would It Take?

I just heard this in a documentary about UFOs:

If it could be shown that any UFOs were extra-terrestrial in origin, people’s entire belief system would fundamentally change.

…and it got me to thinking: what would it take to change my “belief system”? Certainly not UFOs, since I already suspect they’re real.

My belief system these days involves submitting to evidence, wherever it leads. Doesn’t it follow, then, that there’s no evidence that could change my belief system? My beliefs, maybe, but not my belief system.

Does that mean my belief system is sound, or blind?

Do you think that insisting on evidence will avoid life-wasting untruths, or cause me to miss something important?

How about you? What could change your beliefs? Your belief system?

3 responses to “What Would It Take?

  1. no, not really. holywood and the such has well preparted humanity for ufos.

    insisting on evidence is a very adult thing to do. as we get older, we tend to complicate life with our intellect.

    we are submerged in untruths. insisting on evidence will not help us avoid them. evidence simple affirms what we believe or confronts it. everything in life we inherit.

    for me, my beliefs on certain things have changed when I realized when I had inherited wasn’t true.

    the question of what it would take for someone to change their beliefs or belief system is really unanswerable. Nobody truly knows what it would take until they are confronted by what it would take, if that makes any sense.

    only experience can ever change a person’s fundamental belief system

  2. theconvictedmama

    Of course UFOs are extra-terrestrial. They belong to the supernatural realm 🙂 Humanity has been being prepped for the extraterrestrial “messiah” or “savior” for a while now. People will either believe what they say (and do, with other-worldly miracles and wonders), or believe what the Bible says about them (that it will be part of a great delusion). I hate to disrupt your thinking of me as a good writer and thinker, but, so be it. 🙂

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